LSC Celebrates Opening With Ribbon-Cutting

In partnership with the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce, the City of Carrollton, and Covenant Church - Life School Elementary officially commemorated its launch through a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday, September 25!

Opening only a month ago, LSC has been overwhelmed by the kindness of the Carrollton community - especially during yesterday's celebration.

Leading the service's remarks, Steven Hayes spoke on behalf of Covenant Church as two of Carrollton's Councilmembers, Glen Blanscet and Mike Hennefer, welcomed the school to the City.

Emceeing the event, Ryan Abrey of the Metrocrest Chamber, presented LSC with a Membership Plaque and conducted the ribbon cutting.

Not only did community leaders give a heartfelt address but also Superintendent, Dr. Brent Wilson, and Principal Jennifer Villavaso ignited the mission and vision of Life School into the hearts of the audience.

And of course, the special occasion would not be complete without the phenomenal groups of students who sang the Life School song, lead the pledge of allegiance, and presented the American flag during the reading of the Proclamation on behalf of Representative Julie Johnson's office.

None of this would be possible without the incredible support of the community, Life School families, students, and staff!

Thank you to everyone who came, and we look forward to what this year will bring!

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