The Mom Squad

Whenever they hear the call, the aptly named “Mom Squad” at Life School Lancaster Elementary jumps into action to save the day. This group of nine women are parents of 6th-grade students who have been volunteering their time and many talents since their children first began at Life School Lancaster.

“It started out that we were going to school events and helping out. Then we started coordinating together and formed a little group,” said Desilee Lacy, the de-facto leader of the Mom Squad. “We’ve made t-shirts. We do everything from bringing lunch to teachers and staff to coordinating field trips. We even have our own Facebook group.”

In addition to Desilee, the nine-member strong Mom Squad includes Lisa Winfield Green, LaTosha Davis, Vicky Bridgewater Lee, Nancy Webb, Kari Harris, Sarah Yow Henderson, Cassandra Robertson and Juliana Marengo.

The group is more than a mom’s club that provides snacks and goes on field trips though. These women are an integral part of the school. When they hear about or see something that needs attention, they take action.

For example, as Desilee explains, “some children live with grandparents who aren’t quite sure how to help their grandchildren with today’s homework so we help there too. If a grandparent isn’t sure what to do they’ll call us.”

Similarly, they hold study groups on Facetime for students and if hear something going on at the school that maybe shouldn’t be happening, the women make sure school leadership is aware.

“The kids know us, the staff knows us,” said Desilee. “It’s been amazing. It’s great to walk in the school and everyone knows you.”

One thing Desilee hopes the Mom Squad is helping to develop at Life School Lancaster is a culture of involvement with parents in their children’s life at school. “We have to help redirect some of the current thinking and start expecting great things from our kids. And that means we should be working with our teachers to get our kids where they need to be. It’s a partnership. We have to provide support.”

Desilee believes Life School Lancaster is a “great campus with a great group of teachers. The Mom Squad provides a good support system for the school. Every school needs to have that.”

The mom squad donates their time and often serves as the liaison between teachers, the principal and parents. “We are the voice of reason and can downplay situations when needed and assure people that everything will be okay,” said Desilee.

The Mom Squad supports the school’s community garden, a number of school fundraisers, and provides for staff appreciation activities with Sonic drinks, or popsicle and hot chocolate days.

They even provide help outside the school as evidenced by a Blanket Drive they held for a senior facility last year.

Next year, most if not all of the Mom Squad’s children will be attending Life Middle School Waxahachie where they will more than likely share their talents there. “I love Life School,” said Desileee. “If there’s a need, we’ll be there.”

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