Life Oak Cliff High School - Coaching to Change Lives

The Lions Football program was out over the holidays serving at a local church. Here at Life School, we feel that winning games will be the bi-product of what we do. We use athletics as a tool to change lives and make kids better. Modeling servant leadership is one of the ways we feel we can accomplish this. During practices and competition, student-athletes face many of the same challenges they will face in life. It’s how we get through those challenges that define us and we look to take them head on. Learning how to serve others, deal with adversity, how to handle success, how to be a team player, being disciplined, work ethic, being on time and having excellent character are just a few of the tools we are equipping our student-athletes with as they head out into the real world. Thank you to the Life Oak Cliff coaching staff for modeling this to our athletes and truly “Coaching to Change Lives”.
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