Enrollment FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions



Q  How will I receive my student(s) access code?


(A)  If you are asked for an access code then you have used the incorrect username to log into your SchoolMint account.  Please refer to the email/text sent right before re-enrollment began to obtain the correct username or contact the campus to retrieve the correct username.


What is the policy on re-enrollment?


(A)  The re-enrollment period begins the last week of January and is open for 3 weeks.  Information is sent to parents starting the first week of January as well as weekly reminders until the re-enrollment period closes. To secure the student’s enrollment for the following school year, you must re-enroll before the deadline.  If the re-enrollment is not completed in time or completed after the expiration date, a new application for enrollment will need to be completed for the following school year and you will be placed in the lottery. For more information about the enrollment policy, click the Enrollment Process link on the navigation bar located to the right.


Applications/Open Enrollment


Where can I get an application?


(A)  The admission application must be submitted online by going to the Life School Enrollment page located at www.lifeschools.net and clicking New Student Registration. 

  1. When are applications accepted?

 (A)  Life School continually accepts applications for the current school year. Applications for the following school year are accepted during the Open Registration Period, which runs March 1, to March 31. All applications remaining on the waiting list from the current year must be re-activated for the following year. The waiting list is only good for the current school year.


What documentation do I need with the application?


(A)  No documents are required for the online application submission, unless the student(s) have any documented history of a criminal offense, a juvenile court adjudication, or other discipline problems under Education Code Chapter 37, Subchapter A (e.g., removal from class by a teacher, placement in DAEP, in-school or out-of-school suspension, or expulsion) during the last 3 school years. In this case, the documents must be uploaded at the time of submission.




Who can enroll a student?


(A)  Only the parents listed on the birth certificate or legal guardian (legal guardians must provide court documentation).


Q  What are the enrollment criteria?


(A)  Student must be 5 years old on or before September 1st of the enrolling school year. Life School is an open-enrollment charter school and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, academic, artistic or athletic ability, or the district the child would otherwise attend.


Q  What are the waiting list procedures?


(A)  The law requires Life School to use a lottery system. Therefore, all Admission Applications that are turned in during the designated Open Registration Period will be entered into the lottery. The lottery is conducted at the beginning of April. After the designated Open Registration Period, applications will be added to the wait list in the order they are submitted online.


General Questions


Q  Who is the contact person for enrollment?


(A)  Please contact your campus registrar for any questions you may have regarding enrollment or re-enrollment at:


Carrollton Elementary (K-5) – Sherah Mukendi 469-701-1355 ext 9207

Cedar Hill Elementary (K-6)  – Sherill Orcutt 972-293-2825

Lancaster Elementary (K-6) – Blanca Flores 972-274-7956

Mountain Creek Elementary (K-6)  -- Rachel Estrada 214-623-0012

Oak Cliff Elementary (K-6) – Tammy Crane 214-413-1616

Oak Cliff Secondary (7-12) --  Cynthia Martinez 214-376-8200 ext.142

Red Oak Elementary (K-6) – Erika Keathley 469-552-9200

Waxahachie Middle (7-8) -- Ketra Beason 469-552-9200

Waxahachie High (9-12) -- Beth Vitale 972-937-0715