Financial Transparency

The mission of Life School is to train leaders with life skills for the twenty-first century by establishing strong academics, character training, and a parenting program. To accomplish this mission, Life School aspires to “Be Authentic” in our business practices. As an organization with this commitment, financial transparency is a priority. The reports provided include a summary of the board adopted budget, annual audit report, as well as information regarding the financial health of the district (Schools FIRST).
Texas Honors Circle – Life School was named to the Texas Honors Circle November 2012 and 2013 by the Comptroller’s office through the Financial Allocation Study of Texas. This award recognizes school districts and campuses for excellence in resource allocation that contribute to high academic achievement and cost-effective operations. Life School was only one of 45 school districts in 2012 and one of 55 school districts in 2013 in the State of Texas to receive this award.

Adopted Budgets

Annual Audits/Financial Statements

For the annual financial statement disclosure required pursuant to Texas Local Government Code Sections 140.005 and 140.006, please refer to Exhibit B-2.

FIRST Reports


Superintendent Contract/Salary