Employment Opportunities


Life School Employment Opportunities 

We thank you for your interest in employment with Life School. We are always looking for motivated, knowledgeable, and innovative individuals to support our mission of establishing strong academics,  character training, and parent involvement.
Teacher salaries start at $46,000.
  • Credit is given for education and years of service.
  • Additional $2,250 for Oak Cliff campuses.

Current Openings: 

Life School job postings (This link will take you to the Teacher Job Network)
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If you have questions, please email talent@lifeschools.net´╗┐
19 TAC Chapter 100, Subchapter AA 100.1151. Criminal History; Restrictions on Serving (a) Restrictions on serving. A person may not serve as a member of the governing body of a charter holder, as a member of the governing body of a charter school, or as an officer or EMPLOYEE of a charter school, if the person has been convicted of: A misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or any felony; An offense listed in the Texas Education Code (TEC), 37.007(a); or An offense listed in Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 62.01 (5)