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C2 2020-2021

Q. Can we schedule a site walkthrough?
A. No, but a site walkthrough will be offered as the final part of our bidder’s conference on December 2, 2019.
Q. Will Life School accept bids for Cisco equipment?
A. Life will accept bid responses for any manufacturer’s equipment but has listed Aruba models to match the current district standard.
Q. How many drops are going to the IDF1 closet?
A. Roughly 120
Q. Is Life School requesting the demolition of existing cable runs?
A. No, we will reuse existing cable runs. Responses should include labor for toning and labeling all existing runs.
Q. Is Life School requesting all-new patch panels for existing cabling?
A. No. However, we are requesting new patch panels to replace any existing non-modular or angled patch panels. New patch panels must be flat and modular.
Q. Will the portables need cabling?
A. Yes, two drops per classroom for each portable.
Q. Will the portables need new fiber runs?
A. No
Q. Is the fiber pathway between the middle school building (S1) and the high school building already defined?
A. No, vendor must propose a pathway and labor to install.
Q. Will the admin area in S1 need to be re-cabled?
A. No
Q. Will the admin area in S1 need to be toned and labeled?
A. No, this space is not included within the 450 drop count for toning and labeling that is listed within the RFP.
Q. Does Life School have site drawings for the Oak Cliff campuses?
A. Yes, but not accurate drawings. These will be provided upon request.
Q. Should the two fiber runs between buildings be in-ground or aerial?
A. Aerial
Q. Should copper cabling between the middle school buildings be penetrations with a seal?
A. Yes
Q. Would Life School like bids for lightning protection on exterior copper cabling?
A. Yes
Q. Should bids include fans to be installed in cabinets?
A. Yes
Q. Will bids need to include electrical labor for replacing the wooden cabinet in the Annex?
A. No, Life School will provide and cover this with their own vendor.
Q. Does Life School want a low profile cabinet or cube cabinet for the Annex IDF?
A. Cube
Q. Will the vendor need to re-terminate alarm panel connections?
A. No, Life School will provide and cover this with their own vendor.
Q. Can Life School confirm which IDFs/MDFs will have the four requested fiber runs installed?
OCE IDF 417 to OCE Demarc
Q. Is Life School requesting a new rack in the OCE-MDF?
A. Yes
Q. How far out should the rack be mounted from the wall?
A. Preferably 36”
Q. Does Life School want a 4-post open frame rack or enclosed locking cabinet?
A. 4-post open frame
Q. Can we use the light poles for aerial fiber?
A. Yes
Q. Will Life School provide a printed or electronic copy of the floor plan(s) of the Oak Cliff Elementary and Oak Cliff Secondary buildings for the purposes of providing an ‘As Built’ upon project completion?
A. Life School will provide electronic copies of the floor plans they have available for the ‘As Built’ to the awarded vendor. Not all buildings have drawings and no buildings have fully accurate drawings (measurements, exact wall placements, etc..).
Q. Will Life School provide updated information, including photos, per each existing MDF / IDF showing current elevations and angled panels to be replaced, as stated during the walk-thru?
Q. Will there be a need for any surface mount pathways (i.e. raceway, conduit, etc.) from the ceiling space to the drop locations for any new cabling? If yes, how many locations?
A. There is strong potential for the need for surface mount pathways being needed but Life is unaware of a precise location or a quantity of locations where those components are required currently.
Q. For copper cabling runs ‘exposed’ outside, do you require primary protectors (lightning protection) on each end of each copper cable, and each protector properly grounded and bonded?
A. Yes
Q. For exterior OSP cable pathways, do you want new pathways constructed, i.e. aerial / messenger wire support, or underground conduit, or can existing pathways be used?
A. Life will accept responses for all three options. Existing pathways can and should be used before providing new pathways (underground or aerial).
Q. For ALL exterior wall penetrations, do you require any j-boxes and sleeve, or is a ‘sealed penetration’ acceptable?
A. Sealed penetration is acceptable.
Q. During the site walk-thru, a new 4-post open rack was identified as needed for the OCE 2nd floor (‘MDF’?). The RFP indicates two (2) 4-post open rack requested. Where exactly is the 2nd 4-post open rack needed to be installed?
A. The 2nd open post rack should be installed in the OCE MDF. Both racks will be installed beside each other in that MDF with a vertical cable manager joining the two together.
Q. Is Life School requesting ‘ladder rack’ be installed for (each) 4-post rack for cable pathways?
A. Life School requires all cable to be supported appropriately to meet best practice requirements. Please see Network Cabling, Wiring Closet, and Rack Specifications beginning on page 6 with an emphasis on section DD and FF.
Q. The RFP is requesting two (2) vertical wall mount cabinets with 1-ft. depth (low profile) to replace the wooden cabinets. What height (usable RMU space) of the metal cabinet is needed for each location?
A. 6U
Q. Is Life School requesting a telecommunications grounding and bonding system be installed with each new rack or cabinet within this project?
A. Yes
Q. The presence of a telecommunications grounding and bonding system was not identified during the site walk-thru within existing MDF / IDF closets. Is Life School requesting a new telecommunications grounding and bonding system be installed for each existing MDF and IDF?
A. Life School is open to responses including providing and installing a grounding and bonding system for existing closets but any proposals should list this as an optional item.
Q. Can you please elaborate and define exactly what is meant by the term, “Dark Fiber” within your RFP? i.e. are some (how many) strands left unterminated?; will the fiber (how many strands) be designated for ‘future use’?, etc.
A. Some strands may be left unpatched but all requested fiber runs and strands should be terminated. Life School’s intended goal is to build an internal fiber ring between the OCE and OCS campuses to better provide connectivity to our students.
Q. What type (multi-mode fiber, single-mode fiber) and speed (1G, 10G) or fiber standard (SX, SR, LX, LR) transceivers does Life School require for this bid opportunity?  The SFP+ transceivers are not listed by sku or fiber type, please clarify. 
A. Multi-mode fiber, 10G