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Notification Letter
Date: 8-16-2017

Life School Central Office
132 E Ovilla Rd, Suite A
Red Oak, TX, 75154

FROM: Shawn Thomas, Director of Operations

SUBJECT: Asbestos Notification

Dear Parents/Guardians, Staff, Students, and Members of the General Public

As you are probably aware, governmental authorities have published rules regarding asbestos-containing materials in buildings. These materials were, at one time, standard products used in the construction of buildings. In fact, thousands of buildings utilized asbestos-containing materials to varying degrees.

In line with our continuing objective of proactively providing a safe and comfortable environment for our employees and tenants, independent environmental consultants have performed preliminary surveys and obtained samples of suspect building materials. Asbestos has been found to be present in various materials within our Oak Cliff facility. Over the years as repairs and renovations have taken place, Asbestos containing materials have been removed or isolated by licensed environmental consultants. In addition, due to the age of some of our district’s facilities, regulations require that certain materials be presumed to be asbestos-containing until tested. Therefore, it is important that you:

1. Do not do any construction work of any kind without prior consent; and
2. Strictly comply with any other directives or policies issued by us in connection with the buildings.

In the event that any repairs or renovations of any kind are needed, please contact us and we will take appropriate action.

To assist with the effective, in-place management of the asbestos-containing materials that are and may be present in our buildings, we have had our consultants develop an asbestos management plan for these materials. The management plan includes training, periodic surveillance and monitoring of the materials, recordkeeping, notifications, and specific handling procedures for dealing with the materials.

The management plan will be available for your review at the administration office at each campus.
Please feel free to call me at 469-850-5433 ext 7213 if you have any questions.