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Leadership Breakfast Purpose

Leadership Breakfast  

Life School values parental involvement! It is a proven fact that students perform better academically and have a more positive self-esteem when parents are involved and supportive in the development of their daily disciplines. Life School also desires to see every student reach his/her potential. To provide a way to keep lines of communication open between parents and school leadership, Life School schedules Leadership Breakfasts twice a year—one each fall and spring. It is a great time to hear about district and campus accomplishments and plans for the future. Parents also earn parenting points for attending one breakfast per semester.


Superintendent Brent Wilson expresses his heart for these informal gatherings, “We hope all Life School parents will attend the Leadership Breakfasts. These events provide a great opportunity for district and campus leaders to personally communicate up-to-the-minute news and plans. We purposely plan to keep our presentation brief so we can visit with parents. This is a great chance to get to know our Life School parents a little better over coffee and snacks.”


Please join us for your campus Leadership Breakfast. Dates and locations are below. All Breakfasts are 8:30-9:30 a.m.



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