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Job Responsibilities

As the PEIMS Coordinator, Rogenea is responsible for coordinating the collection, integration, and formatting of all data required for PEIMS data submission according to the TEA Data Standards guidelines. She works cooperatively with each campus, as well as, the district Finance Group and Talent Group to collect, organize, and format data required to submit district PEIMS information in a timely manner.
Rogenea works closely with the campus special programs personnel and Federal Programs Manager to submit FSP six weeks reports. She oversees the processing of student and staff Unique ID's in addition to national civil rights (CRDC) and early reading (ECD) reports.
Rogenea also supports the district by guiding the training and development of office personnel and faculty of Life School with regards to Student Information System (SIS). She oversees the audits of student attendance, grades, leaver, and discipline reports.
Rogenea works with faculty and personnel to establish timelines, processes, and procedures to help ensure accuracy of data. Her positivity is a great asset when dealing with challenges when they arise and she does her utmost to ensure that the stakeholders of Life School receive the professionalism and courtesy of which each is entitled. Please do not hesitate to contact Rogenea at 469.850.5433, ext. 7267.